Tehri Lake Festival

Hey guyzz,,,
I am back after so long. Well, you must be wondering where I was these days.
So, I was gathering entertainment, excitement, and an endless stretch of azure water. Yes! I had made my visit to Uttrakhand to attend the Tehri Lake festival. Well, as it was my first to the state so assured to choose the best. And hence, I landed in Tehri Lake Festival where one can find non-stop action blended with unspoiled nature!
Uttarakhand Tourism every year hosts this adventure festival and this year the much awaited 3 days water sports and cultural event held between 25th – 27th May 2018 at Tehri Lake, Uttarakhand.  Hence from a personal experience as well I do believe one should definitely once in their life should take the rejoice of this glorified festival. And, why I am telling this to add in your book of memory lane read below.
To enjoy the three-day adventurous festival at Uttrakhand, first I reached Delhi by early morning flight from Mumbai. To reach Uttrakhand from Delhi, I took a road means which proved very long and tiring but the excitement overshadowed everything. Though it was 8-10 hours road journey….the beauty of every corner of the state is worth that trip. It was like 9ish at night when I reached the hotel and from the hotel, it took only 13-15 minutes to reach the location of Tehri Lake festival. We decided to visit the gushing waters of Tehri Lake the next day to rekindle my adventurous soul.
We entered the hotel and got astonished by the well clean arrangement of every stuff they did in the rooms.
Somewhere, I heard all you need to enjoy the enjoyment more is the people in the same field. And, similar I got in the hotel. Met all the designers and models who were staying in the same hotel. The night of May 25th after dinner was followed by Dj night or something sort of welcome party, where it goes without saying we had lots of fun.
After which we went on our comfy beds and made sure we get ready early for the next day shoot and to join the Tehri Festival. I didn’t imagine that I could wake up and could have my breakfast so early but it was fun to break your own rules.
I prepared myself for the unimaged roller-coaster adventure for which we took the drive from the hotel to reach Tehri, we managed to do a quick shoot in between the route as the view was so pleasing that we couldn’t skip it and go further.
Now, we reached the final destination- Tehri lake at 10 A.M. It seems there is nothing more pure and clean than the lake. It was so beautiful. To make the cake perfect I saw some cherries like the festival was followed by music(Garhwali Singer Performances) celebration and delicious and mouth-watering cuisine that screamed to jump on my plate. Well, around 6 P. M. at the lakeside people gathered to perform Ganga Puja.
There were also some competitions at that time like MasterChef and dance challenge.
But, one thing that grabbed my attention the most was boating the lake. The transparent water got me completely elated while paddling my way in the swift currents of water. Obviously, with pretty locations, pictures are mandatory so got myself clicked while boating and also after :))
Everything at the location was perfect even the tents, sorry I should call it the luxury tents with attached washroom, good beds and all the stuff that we find in the hotels. They had managed everything beautifully.
After relaxing a little bit, we hurried to change so that we won’t miss the cultural event and fashion shows there. There were two fashion shows, one was Tahaweave and second was from designer Rinku Sobti. In the show, they had real women of Uttrakhand walked the ramp in traditional attire.
It was really overwhelming that they also invited me to walk the ramp as an official blogger to cover the festival. Yayyyy!! It was my first ramp experience after school and college.
That’s the way the evening went followed by Live Music Band Competition at night which was so rockkkinggg!!
That’s all for those 2 days.
What we did the third day.. wait for the next post !
Byeeeeee :*
Seja Jain