Exhilarating experience with Renault Captur in Mesmerising Coorg

Exhilarating experience with Renault Captur in Mesmerising Coorg


Rarely, does a person get his hands on an opportunity like the one which buzzed my mail. It was an invite for me to join the band of beautiful people, coming in together from different professional backgrounds in the mesmerizing Coorg to test drive the Renault CAPTUR.

My dear readers, I know you have been keenly waiting for me to describe the beauty of Coorg. Well, it’s difficult to do that in few words as frankly to get a trace of the magnificence of Coorg, you have to literally fly there.
The landscape is exceptionally stunning with massive coffee and tea plantation.

My two days at Madikeri and Mandalpatti were downright terrific. The Coorg experience had too much to offer—a grand stay in Taj Madikeri resorts, the view from my room was breathtaking and of course the entire property was awesome, there were wonderful outings, the company of some extremely innovative and capable people from around the nation, and but obviously the chance to drive the Renault Captur.

The Renault experience commenced at sharp seven in the morning, and though I am not an early morning person, still I was the first one to reach the hotel balcony. While researching about the destination (Coorg) I had read that Mandallpatti is not that easy road to drive as it’s loaded with sharp cuts and turns.

But since we were in Coorg to test the limits of the vehicle, we set off in the CAPTUR driving through rough terrains. I have driven a lot in the plains however I don’t have much of an experience of driving in the hills. But trust me; it was an easy drive, thanks to ESC aka Electronic Stability Control feature of CAPTUR. It is a feature where after detecting circumstances when the auto can likely lose control, ESC kicks in to apply brake so that the driver keeps driving on.

Coorg has soak slants and rutted tracks and the auto hurdled through each pathway like a rocket. Precisely, the CAPTUR moved through the uneven terrain– as if it was made for extreme landscapes like such. Adding to it was the 210mm ground clearance that kept us bump-free.

As far as style and outlining are concerned, I really liked the SUV styling cues in the form of all-around body cladding, massive, flared wheel arches, muscular bumpers and high ground clearance.
The front gets a big grille up front with the brand logo integrated into the centre between the headlights. The designing inside as well is modern and inventive with rich white and gold highlight pushing the appeal of the car to next level.
Lastly, I would want to say a bit about the entertainment options. I am to a great degree happy with the sound output coming from the stereo which can put a home theatre system to shame. So if you are an audiophile, CAPTUR is an excellent pick for you.

Have a look at the video of what we all had to say about our experience.

So quickly head to the nearest Renault showroom to experience the new Renault Captur!!