The Magical Macao

The Magical Macao

A big hello to you’ll,

Firstly, I am really sorry for being a little MIA on blogs.
Getting a complete make over done to my website and in that process kept on holding for a new upload.
So upgrading it further is in pipeline and hopefully gets done by this month.
But now I really can’t wait till then as there is so much to share with you guys..

Secondly , We have hit 100k on instaaagraaammm…YaaaaY
I am so happy and would like to thank each and everyone of you who made it possible and has been with me throughout this journey.
Lots of Love to you all.

Now let’s move to today’s blog.
You guys know how much I love travelling so thought let’s restart with the best part of my recent travel which is Maccaaaooo.

Naaaahhh…It is not PARIS

“You must have heard that there is no such thing as Perfection.
Wrong.. the world is full of such wonders, and it only takes a discerning eye to recognise it”
I chanced upon one such perfection, a completely mesmerising city- Macao
We took a ferry from Hong Kong and arrived Macao in less ten two hours.
There was a shuttle bus waiting at the port to drop us to our home for next 3 days which was Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel.
On reaching I immediately felt I am going to have some awesome time. Our rooms were spacious and luxurious with all modern amenities.It was evening by then and the view from window was damn impressive. There was a beautiful swimming pool when you look down and sky high buildings and swanky hotels on the sides, all looking awesome and well lit.
So Without wasting time I got ready and was out to explore.On just stepping out,I felt I can’t just possibly not fall in love with it.
Magnificent architecture which was completely mesmerising and delight to my eyes, throbbing night life, splendid most shopping centres and warm friendly people.
Me and my gang strolled around the hotel premises to witness lovely décor, all luxurious brands stores, there was panda festival going on and a huge sparkling casino.


After a little bit of everything, we decided to visit the best pub we heard in town which was Club Cubic.
Startling music, luckily a weekday so not very crowded and the atmosphere was on fire.
Since we just had two nights in Macao, club hopping was all on our mind.


Next we went to Club Divino, it was a newly opened club close by and we heard very good reviews about it.
Now this one was very amusing. The pole dancers were just so amazing in their skills. The vibrancy there was mind blowing. We danced with them, staff was very friendly and they played Bollywood number as well to surprise us.
Earlier… one of my favourite clubbing experience was at Pacha in Ibiza but this was all together a different ride.
We almost spent three hours there and then tired back crashed into our rooms.


Next morning after getting ready we went for our brunch which was very overwhelming, luckily had lots of vegetarian options as well and desserts were so delicious that I still crave for it.
After loading ourselves, we wanted to see the historic side of Macao so we headed towards that. Commuting and communicating, both were easy as most of the people understood English.
Pleasantly walking around the streets, we visited St. Paul Ruins, few churches, Senado square, Macao tower which were the main attractions there. My last travel Rome was beautifully recapped as the colonies and streets architecture out there had quiet a bit of resemblance.



Macao city really rocks and made me even more awe-struck at night!
Our hotel was connected to Parisian and Venetian hotel. It is so beautifully made like you are actually in miniature version of Paris and Venice. I can say that because I had been to France and Italy so comparison toh banta hai boss 😉
The Parisian hotel interiors if was icing on the cake then Venetian would be like cherry on top.


If you craving for some quirky culture curry, then you have hit the jackpot.
Ohh jackpot reminded me of the casinos.
It was my first Casino experience. I felt it like a different kind of adventure as it actually thrills you, dares you and make you go up high or low on extreme if not physically then mentally. Whether high or low depends on your luck, wit or experience.
And yes lets not talk about gains or losses… hahaha

My mind was spinning and I was trying to capture all the images at one go.
If I had some more time , I would have definitely shopped there but by the time we were done with the other things, stores were almost closing. So my dear shopoholics , when you go there keep minimum of half a day to shop from those amazing brands. Well you name it and they had it all and duty free imagine… From Max Mara to Bershka, Gucci to Prada.. everything.
Third day was our last day and we dint have much time to explore more sadly. So I decided to chill a bit in the vast pool they had and enjoy the lazy waves.

After the scrumptious lunch and some more clicking sessions .. it was time to leave.
I had only 2 nights and 3 days here which went like zooooppp.
Finally it was the time to go and obviously was feeling sad that I had to leave not only Macao but also it was the end of the trip.

Well…Macao can be safely called as the City of Dreams.
Would love love love to and will have to visit again.
(Hong Kong travel will be blogging soon)

If you have reached till here.. Thank you so much for reading patiently.
It was a long one indeed 😉




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