Hello and warm welcome to my blog!!
I am very excited to share my first blog with you. I have been planning to start blogging since really long but being busy with my professional and personal commitments it had taken backseat completely.
But with this new year I have taken up this resolution and will keep sharing new blogs often. So cheers to my new beginning and ‘fashion passion’.

Since this is my first blog ,I would like to share something about me. I am a physio by profession and complete fashionista by heart. Love styling, shopping, designing , blogging and everything to do with fashion. I never related to this saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. I would never start judging a book if the cover is not appealing. Cover and content for me are equally important. In short your outfit tells a lot about your personality even before you speak..Well that’s my belief.!

Coming back to the blog.. As 2016 begins we have seen lot of fashion trends to be passé with 2015…Continue Reading