Don’t Just Prevent Hairfall, Reverse it!

Don’t Just Prevent Hairfall, Reverse it!

Hair fall has become a problem universal to all. With the rising levels of pollution, stress and bad food habits, we all know what’s to blame. But worry not! Dermatologists from Kaya have come up with the Root Regen System. Here’s why we are crazy about it.

#1 Prevents and Reverses Hair Problems
The Kaya Root Regen System not only prevents hair fall and hair thinning but also reverses it! It claims to reduce hair fall by up to 2X, right from the roots.

#2 Products Specially Made to Treat Hair Problems
The Kaya Root Regen System comprises of four products; the pre wash scalp nourishing overnight oil, the scalp-revitalizing shampoo, the deep conditioning masque and the hair protect serum. Each product ensuring complete care to your scalp, roots, shaft and tips.

#3 Super food Ingredients
Yes! The ingredients of the four products are made of a combination of Sugarcane, Macadamia Nuts, 100% Olive Oil, Apple, Olives, Basil root extracts & Lemon. Natural ingredients are always better! The complex is tested and designed in Kaya’s labs for the best foreseeable results.

#4 The Easy 4 Step Regime
One of the best things is its application. You need not do anything extra! Just oil your hair and keep it overnight (like you generally should), shampoo, condition your scalp and apply serum for strength, shine and nourishment. Isn’t it amazing? Do what you always do, but with better results.

#5 Treats Multiple Problems
The range treats problems like hair loss and helps your hair grow back. It also makes your hair stronger, shinier and healthier. So it’s not just one, but a package of results.#6 Salon at Home
So now, you need not pay visits to the salon in the name of treatment for hair problems, Kaya’s got you covered!

#7 Value for Money
Considering the extensive and sometimes outrageous bucks salons charge you, the products are worth the dime, especially considering all the clinically proven results.

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